Thursday, October 14, 2010

Out and About

Makayla waved at a stranger for the first time today. We were at ABC for breakfast and a waitress was talking and waving at her. Makayla got a huge grin on her face and gave a tentative wave. Ah babies grow so fast.

Makayla is now full fledged walking. She can go a good 10 feet before falling. Although when she gets excited she will still fall about every 5 steps. It's funny.

A couple weeks back Makayla discovered that doors open and close. It is now a constant past time of hers. She opens the bedroom doors, the closet doors, and her dresser drawers. That is her favorite as she pulls out all her clothing.

Today I got new tires put on the car. We had to wait around so I took Makayla to a play place. She was a little young so we just stayed in the toddler section. She loved it. Well after she got over the big scary compressor for one of the games, that is. They had to turn it off.

Makayla walking

Climbing the steps of the slide

Makayla has already started climbing up a slide rather than going down!


AmericanGirl said...

She is too cute! Sorry about the mix-up today. My phone was wacky and then I couldn't really leave. Thanks for sharing the photos!

mrs. trooper said...

Great pictures! Love those dotted pants!