Makayla's First...

Smile - 4 weeks 2 days

Picture 097
The first smile captured on camera

Owie - 4 weeks 2 days (Mommy pinched the palm of her hand in her bouncer clip when trying to do it up. It broke her skin and she bled a little. Makayla screwed her face up, went super red, took a long breath and then started wailing for the next 10 minutes!)

Rolled Over - 1 month & 2 days (4 weeks 5 days) Makayla rolled from her stomach to her back. She got stuck halfway with her body flipped on her back but her hips/legs still still sideways. She flailed her one leg until finally she flipped fully over. By then she was not a happy camper!

Tummy Time - 2 days shy of 3 months - This is a picture of the first time Makayla is actually enjoying being on her tummy and not just crying the whole time.

Rolled over pt 2- 4 months and 3 days Makayla  rolled from her back to tummy. She was laying under her play gym when I heard some fussing and complaining soI went to pick her up. She was on her tummy facing in a different direction. I flipped her to her back and she rolled over again!