Saturday, March 27, 2010

Baby Sign Language

I'm currently researching baby sign language. I'm just looking in to it to see what it is all about and if it is something I'd be interested in doing with Makayla.

I also need to find out the best way to teach baby sign language. So far I think it looks interesting, but I'm still a bit skeptical. I'm thinking if I do it, I'll just do a few of the basic signs: Eat, thirsty, sleep, more, all done etc.

Has anyone done this with their baby and have an advice? Anyone for or against it and why?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Makayla enjoying tummy time

Last Wednesday was the first time Makayla was able to enjoy tummy time. I assume it is because she can hold herself up so well now and she can roll on to her back whenver she wants to. It's so cute :)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Saturday, Sunday and Monday night Makayla slept an average of 7 hours straight, then fell back to sleep immediately after nursing! I'm so happy. Last night she woke up after 4 hours, but I am hoping she goes back to sleeping 7 hours straight.

(Picture of the first time Makayla fell asleep for a nap on her own)

Plus yesterday and today I was able to put Makayla down for her nap in her crib awake! She only fussed for about 10 minutes both times and fell asleep. This is a VERY big achievement for me. Previously during the day she would never fall asleep on her own. I had to rock her to sleep, take her in the stroller or car. If I put her down she would just get all worked up. Also she would never sleep flat in her crib for naps, but had to sleep in her boppy pillow, swing or carseat.

Now to work on bedtime. The hospital stay totally messed up what little routine/schedule she did have.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Belle Baby Carrier

This is Makayla's first time in her Belle Baby Carrier last week. She barely fits, but she still loves it. I have used it several times since. I have found it to be a lifesaver when I am grocery shopping. She is able to look around and will eventually fall asleep. It is also extremely comfortable! I don't even notice the extra weight. It doesn't make my shoulders or my back hurt. I'm so happy I invested in one of these :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

3 months old

We had professional photos done for Makayla's 3 months. I will post them when I get them.

Dear Makayla,

Today you are 3 months old. You have changed alot and are no longer an infant/newborn, instead you act very much like a 'baby'. In the last week you went on a major growing spurt. You were eating every hour to two hours. A sleeper you fit the week before doesn't fit anymore. However you still fit newborn outfits perfectly. They definitely won't be fitting for much longer though.

This past week you have also started to enjoy tummy time more. You can hold your head and shoulders up very well and love to look around. Although you don't stay on your tummy long because you always roll to your back. You stay interested in things for much longer periods of time now. You also are getting better at self entertaining. This gives mommy time to get things done! However your favorite play time is still lying on your back talking with mommy.

2 weeks ago you were in the hospital for a kidney and bladder infection. Those 4 days and the weeks previous were very rough for you. You have been a much happier baby since getting out of the hospital.

It seems 3 months really is the magic age. I'm looking forward to all the new things you will start doing soon.

I love you Makayla.


<3 your mommy

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Superstore Adventure

Tuesday I ran in to quite the situation. Luckily my good friend Natasha kindly helped me out!

Anyway I headed out to go grocery shopping at Superstore. As usual Makayla decides to wake up the moment we get there. I decided to try out my front carrier to avoid a screaming baby in a carseat. (It worked splendidly! Yay, I love that thing.)

When we are done shopping I go out to the car and realize I've locked my keys inside!!! I also forgot my cell phone at home. I go inside and call BCAA from the front desk. Oh joy, my membership had expired. They wouldn't let me renew it, but said I needed to get a totally new one which is going to cost me $150. I said no, I called a towing company, they said they charge $60 to jimmy a car. No way I'm paying that much if I can avoid it.

Finally I call Dave to try to figure out what to do. He gives me Jon and Al's numbers. Jon has a key to our place. By this time customer service needs their phone back. I have 4 quarters so I call from a pay phone. I call Jon, I call Al. Again and again I call Jon. No answer. My quarters run out and I start using my visa at a $1 a call. What a rip off!

But what else am I supposed to do when I am stranded with a baby and a cart of groceries? Since I have no cell phone I don't know any of my friends numbers. Even if I did I still have no carseat to take Makayla in a car with. I thought of Natasha but had no way to get ahold of her.

At this point I was seriously considering leaving my groceries and walking over to the mall. At least there I could take care of Makayla and wander around until Dave was home.

Suddenly I remembered I knew Cheryl's cell number and I was praying she would answer. Luckily she did and I got Natasha's number from her. (She actually gave me the wrong number, but it was close enough for me to figure out).

I got ahold of Natasha and she was kind enough to come rescue me. She has an infant carseat so that worked out well. She let me spend the rest of the day at her place and even fed us dinner! Andrew picked up Dave on his way home from work, then they went by Superstore and got my car.

Thanks for rescuing me Natasha, you were a life saver! If it had been just me I could have managed, but I sure wouldn't have enjoyed spending all day in the mall with a baby.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Makayla in her bumbo

Natasha loaned us her bumbo seat. Makayla loves it. She loves to sit up and look around, but isn't able to do so on her own yet so this works perfectly. It also allows mommy to have free hands to get things done!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Makayla's Hospital Stay

Makayla in her hospital crib with her IV setup

Sunday before last Makayla woke up with a high fever. I was debating if I should take her to emergency or not, but after giving her some Tylenol her fever was gone within 2 hours. We had a Dr's appointment the next day. My Doctor said if her fever came back to take her in immediately.

Well, last Wednesday night Makayla woke up with yet another fever of 104.2F (40.2C). This is obviously potentionally dangerous in a baby her age. I immediately took her to ER. Luckily there was absolutely no one in the ER and we were seen right away. Within 2 hours all her tests were done and it came back that Makayla had a bladder and possible kidney infection (UTI). Since Makayla is so young we were admitted to pediatrics for IV antibiotics. This was early Thursday morning.

Makayla playing in her metal baby 'cage'.

It was a long 3 days. Makayla was poked and prodded so many times. It seemed everytime I got her asleep someone would come in to take her temperature or blood and wake her up all over again. She was not a happy camper. She was so exhausted, which in alot of ways worked to my benefit because she mostly slept and didn't cry much. One of the nurses actually called her the 'poster' child. Haha, I never imagined my littler fusser would ever be called that. Since she wasn't feeling well and all drugged up she was actually very well behaved and a total snuggle bug.

Sunday afternoon we were finally released. She is now on full strength liquid antibiotics for 10 days, then she will be on a lighter dose for a month. Giving her the antibiotics is definitely a chore! She either spits it out or chokes on it. Poor little guffer. She usually ends up screaming by the end.

Thankfully Makayla is feeling much better now and is basically back to her old self. Hopefully we won't have to go through this again. We have a follow up appointment in a month to make sure there are no complications.