Wednesday, March 30, 2011

15+ months!

Ok I know this post is a little late as Makayla turned 15 months on the 20th! It's really just an excuse to update.

Last Sunday Makayla said her first animal sound, BAA for sheep! I was so proud! She has said it a few times since when asked.

Makayla isn't talking a ton yet, but she does know a few more words. Her vocabulary includes: Mommy, daddy, no, yes/yep, hi, bye, done, up, ummy/nummy (she says this when asking for food), cat, and a few more occasional words. She is getting very good at showing us what she wants even when she doesn't know the words.

A few weeks ago Makayla was teething really badly and VERY cranky! I had never seen her this bad. Well it turns out she was getting 6, yes 6 or more teeth at once. She had 5 teeth (3 molars) come through within a week . 2 more have just come through and there is at least one more on the way. She now has 7 new teeth for a total of 13 teeth. Makayla was a little slow at getting her teeth, but I guess she caught up with a bang! It's weird seeing 4 prong teeth in her mouth. She looks so grown up.

My baby isn't a baby anymore. :( I can't believe how fast they grow.

Walk for MS

Hi everyone! Dave, Makayla and I are doing the Walk for MS (Multiple Sclerosis) for the first time this year. As some of you my know my SIL has MS. Please help us support her by pledging. If you would like to donate here is the link.

Click "pledge a participant" then enter Team Roy or search Naomi, Dave or Makayla Roy individually.

Thank-you all in advance for your giving. We appreciate it so much. This is important to us. <3

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Makayla's Surgery

I have been meaning to update alot sooner.

Makayla's surgery was one week ago. She is doing very well. The first 48 hours were difficult. Within minutes of waking up from her anethestic Makayla started screaming. She screamed the whole time we were in recovery. The only way to even semi calm her down was to nurse. Finally Dave said we should just leave as we couldn't stay all day. Amazingly as soon as we left the room she started to calm, and was totally fine once we got outside. She slept the whole ride home. Once we got home she cried more often then not during her awake time. Poor little girl was in a lot of pain. At 4pm she finally ate some food. Makayla went 22hrs with nothing to eat! The first 2 days were not fun for any of us.

As for the surgery, it went well. The Doctor was able to remove the extra digit and attach the tendons from the extra thumb to the remaining thumb. During surgery it was discovered that Makayla's main thumb did not have a flexor tendon. Luckily the extra thumb did have one and the Plastic Surgeon was able to attach that as well. We had been told that was a possibility, but the surgeon said in all the surgeries he has done it had never happened before.

Makayla will be having her cast removed in 4 weeks. I will update again than. Please pray for Makayla that her thumb will heal properly.

Makayla's extra digit on her left hand Waiting for surgery Mommy and Makayla reading Makayla still pretty loopy on the car ride home after surgery
We had to take Makayla home in her hospital gown as nothing I brought fit over her cast.
The next day: All ready to go for a walk with mommy and daddy

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

We got the phone call. Makayla's surgery is at 10:15am tomorrow. We have to be there an hour early.

Makayla is all tucked away in bed and has eaten her last meal until after her surgery. She is going to be one hungry baby!

I know it is a minor surgery, but please be praying!
The big day is almost upon us! Tomorrow is Makayla's surgery on her hand! I'm anxiously waiting for it to be 12pm so I will get a call telling me what time her surgery is tomorrow. I sure hope it's early as Makayla needs to fast for at least 12 hours. Therefore the last thing she will eat will be right before bed.

Come on time. Hurry up and be noon.