Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Makayla finally got 2 new teeth last week! She now has 6. She got 2 more top teeth on either side of the 2 front teeth. The little goober has been so cranky the last 2 weeks it has pracically been unbearable. I was hoping it would end when her 2 teeth came through, but nope. Ugh.

I tried to give Makayla a bubble bath last night, but she wasn't a fan. Once I put the bubbles in the tub she started freaking out and crying. It was pretty funny. Apparently bubble baths are scary! Teehee.

Good news, Makaya's surgery has finally been booked! It is March 9th.


L ~ S said...

It's kind of funny that she was scared of the bubbles, but maybe we were scared our first time? I am reading the post below, those month stickers are adorable! Where did you get them?

Naomi said...

They are called picky stickys. You can get them at

I got these ones at

It is a really cool website that has a daily 'steal' at 8am and 8pm (my time). They only offer one item but it is always 45% or more off. I've purchased waaaay too much stuff off of there! lol