Wednesday, March 30, 2011

15+ months!

Ok I know this post is a little late as Makayla turned 15 months on the 20th! It's really just an excuse to update.

Last Sunday Makayla said her first animal sound, BAA for sheep! I was so proud! She has said it a few times since when asked.

Makayla isn't talking a ton yet, but she does know a few more words. Her vocabulary includes: Mommy, daddy, no, yes/yep, hi, bye, done, up, ummy/nummy (she says this when asking for food), cat, and a few more occasional words. She is getting very good at showing us what she wants even when she doesn't know the words.

A few weeks ago Makayla was teething really badly and VERY cranky! I had never seen her this bad. Well it turns out she was getting 6, yes 6 or more teeth at once. She had 5 teeth (3 molars) come through within a week . 2 more have just come through and there is at least one more on the way. She now has 7 new teeth for a total of 13 teeth. Makayla was a little slow at getting her teeth, but I guess she caught up with a bang! It's weird seeing 4 prong teeth in her mouth. She looks so grown up.

My baby isn't a baby anymore. :( I can't believe how fast they grow.


mrs. trooper said...

Very cute picture!

AmericanGirl said...

I can't believe how big she is! What a cutie!

L ~ S said...

Exciting about 'baa'! Soon she'll be knowing all the sounds!