Thursday, January 24, 2013

Aria Joy - 5 months old!

Dear Aria,

Today you are 5 months old! I had you weighed 2 weeks ago and you were 13lbs 5oz and 24 inches long! Definitely growing! You started sitting today at exactly 5 months! I am so proud! Even younger than your big sister Makayla who started sitting at 5.5 months! I hope that does not mean you will do everything else earlier too though, actually Ièd prefer if you didnt start walking until later than 9 months. You are such a happy, bubbly little baby full of smiles and giggles. It is so amazing to see how much you already adore Makayla. All she has to do is look at you or say Hi Aria and you are grinning from ear to ear. You love your exersaucer and your bumbo. And in the last few weeks you have started wanting to be where the action is. If I leave the room you shortly start complaining until you can see me or anyone again. I often move you around from room to room in your bumbo so you can watch me while I clean.

Your hair is growing back in. You no longer have a fohawk even though a mere month ago you did. Your hair seems to be growing in a lighter shade of brown though. Ièm curious to see how quickly itèll grow. You also have little butterball thighs and I absolutely love those rolls.

Mommy loves you


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