Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Traveling with small children

(flying with Makayla back in 2010)

I leave with my girls for Nova Scotia in 2 weeks! While I am very excited to be going I'm also dreading the flight with my girls. On the way there my mom will be with us so I'll have an extra set of hands, however we are flying all night. Hopefully it'll work in my favor and not against us! On the way home I'll be flying with the girls by myself and have two stopovers. Eek!

I'm sure Makayla who is 4 will do fine, but I'm worried about Aria. She's at quite an 'expressive' and active stage right now. She turns 2 right after we get home.

Experienced travelers with children, any words of advice or tips for me?


Paulina Henderson said...

Ring pops/ suckers are a good treat to have and help with the ears popping and whatnot! Sometimes Soph doesn't want to drink, and gum wasn't an option at the time, but I find she'll go for one of those on the descent!

mrs. trooper said...

The ring pop is a good tip! A picked up new things for the kids from dollar store, stickers, activity pads, that stuff would be good for Makayla. For Aria - be prepared to spend lots of time chasing her up and down the plane. I don't have any good advice for her age :/.

L ~ S said...

Pray you get a plane with individual screens...Your are brave! I am still deciding if I can fly alone, but I am NOT considering it if there is a layover. Maybe get one of those backpack leashes, so you don't have to worry if the youngest will run off. I posted my other ideas on FB.