Tuesday, April 20, 2010

4 months old

Dear Makayla,

Today you are 4 months old. You now weigh 11lb 7.3oz and are 23 inches long. You still fit some newborn clothing but are mostly in 3 month clothing. Some are HUGE on you though.

Last week you went in the stroller without the carseat for the first time. You loved it because you could look around the whole time. Eventually you fell asleep happy without fussing.

You are getting stronger. You still do tummy time but can now crane your neck backwards to look behind you. I'm still waiting for you to roll from back to tummy. I think that will come soon.

Last week you started trying desperately to sit up. If I have you seated leaning back you will do 'tummy crunches' to sit up straight. You then try to get your legs underneath of you and stand up. That doesn't work so well quite yet. I wouldn't be surprised if you were sitting by 5 months.

You have also started a new thing that mommy really doesn't like. That would be screeching! Mommy can handle the happy screeching, but the cranky, bored, I want attention etc screech is not so nice. I'm really hoping you grow out of it fast. Please be nice to mommy.

You are a very active baby, and much happier since 3 months. No more crying for hours on end. I enjoy spending my days (and nights) with you.

Mommy loves you little goober.



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