Thursday, June 24, 2010

Some kid at Target bit my baby!!

So I was at Target today looking at baby clothes...

Some mom walked by with her screaming daughter that looked to be about 3 yrs old. She stopped to show her Makayla. Fine. Lots of people stop to say hi to her.

Awhile later I'm holding Makayla and the little girl runs up to me all alone wanting to see Makayla. I bend down to let her say hi. I stand up and she starts grabbing onto me and pulling on Makayla's legs. I bend down again to let her say hi one more time. Then I say bye and start walking away. She follows and grabs Makayla's arm yanking on it really hard. By this point I'm thinking where on earth is her mother.

Anyway I bend over so I can gently remove her hand from Makayla's arm. I didn't want her to keep yanking on it cause she was being pretty rough but I didn't wanna just jerk Makayla's arm away either risking hurting them both. When I bent over I notice she had stuck Makayla's hand in her mouth. I tell her yucky and go to remove it. She then chomps down on Makayla's hand really hard. Her mom came around the corner just as she was about to bite Makayla, but it was already too late to stop it. I didn't actually realize she had bit my daughter until Makayla started screaming and I saw bite marks. I totally didn't see that one coming.

Her mom picked her up and told her to say sorry but the little brat wouldn't so the mom kept apologizing over and over, standing there while Makayla screamed. At that point I just wanted them to go away but I just kept telling them, "It's ok." In truth I was almost in tears because Makayla was screaming like she never had before.

She cried for at least 10 minutes. People kept on coming up asking what was wrong.

Her finger was bright red and it swelled up to almost double it's original size. Luckily that has gone down now and she just has bite marks

The situation would have been totally preventable if the mom had been watching her kid. And it's not like she was only with me for a second either.

I'm not sure how I would have handled the situation if her mom didn't come around the corner when she did. I mean how do you deal with a strange child that just bit your daughter?


L ~ S said...

That is crazy! I would have been highly tempted to bite her hand back (that is how my mom punished biters) or to flick her mouth...

aleelavine said...

WOW... I have no words and am so sorry that this happened to you. I would have had some strong, strong words for the Mother and would have had some words for the little girl as well. The Mother should have been watching her child and this would have never happened. Unbelievable.

AmericanGirl said...

That is terrible! Poor little Makayla! :( I would have felt like smacking that little brat.

Anonymous said...

its the states... if you were american you would be filling out a law suite against the girl and mom.

that is just ridiculous, and totally irresponsible of the other mother. i definitely would have had some choice words for her. to the point of calling child services in the states. not knowing where your kid is for that amount of time. the is abandonment.