Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My funny girl

Makayla finds flapping sheets the funniest thing in the world! Seriously! Yesterday evening I was folding sheets and I shook a sheet to even it out. Well Makayla just burst into laughter and she wouldn't stop. This wasn't just giggling. It was full out belly laughter. It lasted a good 10 minutes. Everytime I flapped the sheet she cracked up. I was cracking up too. It was just way too adorable.

On Monday Makayla stuck out her tongue and went bbbleh for the first time. Then I did it and we played a game of copycat. Now whenever I do it her she'll do it back. I'm sure one day it'll be annoying but for now it is cute.

This is what I see when I go in to get Makayla in the morning...

or sometimes I see this...

She is definitely getting really good at pulling herself up. She'll do it on pretty much anything she can. The little daredevil is starting to only hold on with one hand too.

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