Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sleepless Nights

It's 11:15 and I've already been up with Makaya twice. It's gonna be a long night. :(

Oh how I miss the nights of sleep. I've had way too many sleepless nights this past week. What is going on with my baby girl? I only wish I knew. She has gone through so many changes recently it could be any of them. Growth spurt, teething, reaching milestones such as crawling and pulling up. She moves so much in her sleep now and she never used to. I think it wakes her. Plus the second she wakes she flips onto her tummy and she hates sleeping on her tummy so she starts crying. I've gone in there so much to flip her on her back only to have to do it again 2 minutes later. She had a runny nose and still has a slight cough so it could be that. Ug I just don't know. I really hope she goes back to sleeping through the night soon. This mommy is exhausted.

Oh and top of all that she has decided to start getting up for the day at 6:15am instead of 7:30am. She isn't napping much during the day either no matter how hard I try. She gets up after like 30-45min. Ug.

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MommyBelle said...

We just went through something very similar (minus the tummy sleeping since Lillian actually likes sleeping on her tummy now) I think most babies go through a sleep regression at some point. There was nothing I could do about it really. I tried changing up our routine, what we did during the day and things I fed her. After a couple of weeks she's now back to sleeping MUCH better.
The one thing I did change that I think helped was offer her more naps, especially a late afternoon nap which I assumed was too close to bed time to be helpful. But, since she's been sleeping more during the day, it's been helping her sleep more at night. Strange!
Good luck and don't be afraid to ask for help from friends and family, just so they can watch her for an hour or two so you can catch up on sleep.