Saturday, June 21, 2014

Bacon Bouquet!

Well this is definitely late, but the 'top secret' from this post was a bacon bouquet for Dave for Father's Day! I had alot of fun making them and it was surprisingly quick and easy. 

Dave loved them! What more can a guy want? Bacon? Bouquet? Um, hello!


 We also made daddy his favorite meal...breakfast and specifically an omelet! Only the best for the best! ;)

Here are a few quick steps to make the bouqet.

1.Remove roses from stem/leaves. Leave the stem that pokes through the leaves
2. Roll bacon, one or two strips depending on how big you want them
3.  spear bottom with 2 toothpicks, place on rack
4. bake at 400F for 20-30minutes
5. allow bacon to cool and remove toothpicks from bacon
6. push bacon roses on the the stems nestled between the leaves
7. arrange the bouquet and place in a vase
8. Wow your spouse/partner/dad!!!

1 comment:

mrs. trooper said...

The bacon bouquet is a cute idea! Did he eat any bacon? :)