Friday, June 13, 2014

Best dad hands down!

I've gone a little Pinterest crazy this Father's Day. I am not at all creative, thank goodness for Pinterest! I did one craft today, and two more are prepped for tomorrow!

Do you need a last minute, easy craft for Father's Day? We did this craft today with my girls and the little boy I watch.  It is super easy, cute and I had all the supplies at home. Thanks to one of my besties for the idea! ;)

 I didn't have time to get to the store for letter stickers or ribbon so I made a few changes to use what we had at home.

- Paint (I used finger paint)
- Paintbrush
- Cardstock or thick paper
- Letter Stencils (or stickers)
- Sharpie

I painted each of the kids' hands with a brush. According to Makayla, "it tickles".

Then they stamped their hands on the paper, waited for the paint to dry and I stenciled the letters with a Sharpie.

Here are the finished products: We made three, one isn't pictured.

This works for Grandpa's too! I put this one in a glass frame, but it isn't necessary.

Here is the one my girls did for daddy. Since there are two of them I decided to do one hand print each.

One craft down, two more to go tomorrow! The last one is top secret and I won't be sharing until after Father's Day!

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