Thursday, March 11, 2010

Makayla's Hospital Stay

Makayla in her hospital crib with her IV setup

Sunday before last Makayla woke up with a high fever. I was debating if I should take her to emergency or not, but after giving her some Tylenol her fever was gone within 2 hours. We had a Dr's appointment the next day. My Doctor said if her fever came back to take her in immediately.

Well, last Wednesday night Makayla woke up with yet another fever of 104.2F (40.2C). This is obviously potentionally dangerous in a baby her age. I immediately took her to ER. Luckily there was absolutely no one in the ER and we were seen right away. Within 2 hours all her tests were done and it came back that Makayla had a bladder and possible kidney infection (UTI). Since Makayla is so young we were admitted to pediatrics for IV antibiotics. This was early Thursday morning.

Makayla playing in her metal baby 'cage'.

It was a long 3 days. Makayla was poked and prodded so many times. It seemed everytime I got her asleep someone would come in to take her temperature or blood and wake her up all over again. She was not a happy camper. She was so exhausted, which in alot of ways worked to my benefit because she mostly slept and didn't cry much. One of the nurses actually called her the 'poster' child. Haha, I never imagined my littler fusser would ever be called that. Since she wasn't feeling well and all drugged up she was actually very well behaved and a total snuggle bug.

Sunday afternoon we were finally released. She is now on full strength liquid antibiotics for 10 days, then she will be on a lighter dose for a month. Giving her the antibiotics is definitely a chore! She either spits it out or chokes on it. Poor little guffer. She usually ends up screaming by the end.

Thankfully Makayla is feeling much better now and is basically back to her old self. Hopefully we won't have to go through this again. We have a follow up appointment in a month to make sure there are no complications.


L ~ S said...

Sounds kind of scary! I am glad she will be all right!

mrs. trooper said...

Awww Makayla looks so cute in her little metal cage. I hated those cribs when Charlotte was in the hospital! I'm sure she'll be just fine now that her little ordeal is over with!

Andrew said...

heh I love the huge metal cribs. No kid could ever fall out of or escape those things. By your photos, it looks like they painted them... when we were they they were plain metal.

Glad you're home and everything is okay.