Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Superstore Adventure

Tuesday I ran in to quite the situation. Luckily my good friend Natasha kindly helped me out!

Anyway I headed out to go grocery shopping at Superstore. As usual Makayla decides to wake up the moment we get there. I decided to try out my front carrier to avoid a screaming baby in a carseat. (It worked splendidly! Yay, I love that thing.)

When we are done shopping I go out to the car and realize I've locked my keys inside!!! I also forgot my cell phone at home. I go inside and call BCAA from the front desk. Oh joy, my membership had expired. They wouldn't let me renew it, but said I needed to get a totally new one which is going to cost me $150. I said no, I called a towing company, they said they charge $60 to jimmy a car. No way I'm paying that much if I can avoid it.

Finally I call Dave to try to figure out what to do. He gives me Jon and Al's numbers. Jon has a key to our place. By this time customer service needs their phone back. I have 4 quarters so I call from a pay phone. I call Jon, I call Al. Again and again I call Jon. No answer. My quarters run out and I start using my visa at a $1 a call. What a rip off!

But what else am I supposed to do when I am stranded with a baby and a cart of groceries? Since I have no cell phone I don't know any of my friends numbers. Even if I did I still have no carseat to take Makayla in a car with. I thought of Natasha but had no way to get ahold of her.

At this point I was seriously considering leaving my groceries and walking over to the mall. At least there I could take care of Makayla and wander around until Dave was home.

Suddenly I remembered I knew Cheryl's cell number and I was praying she would answer. Luckily she did and I got Natasha's number from her. (She actually gave me the wrong number, but it was close enough for me to figure out).

I got ahold of Natasha and she was kind enough to come rescue me. She has an infant carseat so that worked out well. She let me spend the rest of the day at her place and even fed us dinner! Andrew picked up Dave on his way home from work, then they went by Superstore and got my car.

Thanks for rescuing me Natasha, you were a life saver! If it had been just me I could have managed, but I sure wouldn't have enjoyed spending all day in the mall with a baby.

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L ~ S said...

OH, that sounds horrible! I am glad it ended up ok. I can imagine how horrible you felt...once I forgot my phone, wallet and was almost out of gas. I was panicking and had to go all over trying to find someone who would accept a check with a passport for ID. I wanted to sit and cry, but knew that wouldn't fix anything. I was soooo relieved when I found a dumb gas attendant who let me fill up before he check the rules :P I figured I could have only driven about 1 mile more before my car would have died.