Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Saturday, Sunday and Monday night Makayla slept an average of 7 hours straight, then fell back to sleep immediately after nursing! I'm so happy. Last night she woke up after 4 hours, but I am hoping she goes back to sleeping 7 hours straight.

(Picture of the first time Makayla fell asleep for a nap on her own)

Plus yesterday and today I was able to put Makayla down for her nap in her crib awake! She only fussed for about 10 minutes both times and fell asleep. This is a VERY big achievement for me. Previously during the day she would never fall asleep on her own. I had to rock her to sleep, take her in the stroller or car. If I put her down she would just get all worked up. Also she would never sleep flat in her crib for naps, but had to sleep in her boppy pillow, swing or carseat.

Now to work on bedtime. The hospital stay totally messed up what little routine/schedule she did have.


mrs. trooper said...

Isn't three months great!!!

Naomi said...

This coming from the mom who has a brand new baby! :D lol

Naomi said...

And yes 3 months is great! It is like a whole new more constant fussy baby but rather happy baby! :D love it