Monday, February 15, 2010

Crib set

Below is the bedding Aunty Courtney and Uncle Jason bought Makayla. We love it. Thanks guys!!! :)

Picture 119
I think it goes so well with the dark wood!

Picture 120

Picture 125
Here is Makayla having a nap with the new bedding all set up for the first time.

The boppy pillow is from Diana & Martin. It is a lifesaver for naps during the day since she doesn't sleep as deeply and wakes up whenever I lie her flat in the crib. She either sleeps in her swing or boppy for naps, and the crib at night.

Now I just need to organize the bookshelf and maybe hang some artwork on the wall.


mrs. trooper said...

The bedding is adorable... as is Makayla! :).

L ~ S said...

Very cute bedset! I like the crib...

Barbara Doduk said...

Hey looks just like my crib set :) Soo cute.

Do you have a vibrating bouncer chair? I find LJ often falls asleep in that easier than flat on her back in the crib. I think sometimes it is due to gassy tummy and digestion and being able to fall asleep with her head more upright helps her with the acid reflux pain. Seriously I could not live without that vibrating bouncer chair.