Tuesday, February 2, 2010

That felt good!

Picture 104

(Makayla's 1st outfit that isn't a sleeper!)

Sometimes with having a baby it is so hard to get things done. I often feel like I barely have time to eat or pee, let alone keep the house clean, organize, upload photos, go for walks and do all those other things that need/want to be done.

Picture 108

Today however was a success! Makayla woke up at 8am, I nursed her, 'played' with her for a bit, then met up with Talise for a good walk at 9am, hung out at her place for awhile, returned my pump I had rented (finally), came home MADE lunch and actually ate it all in one sitting with no interuptions (amazing!). I did the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, sanitized all my bottles and pumping equipment, packed them up, organized Makayla's clothes from her shower by size and put them in storage containers, Meghan dropped by for a visit, then I set up her new bedding set, did her footprintts, and tidied the dining room! Whew, that is alot for a day with a baby. I hope tomorrow to be just as successful! I have so much I want to do.


Yesterday was Makayla's 6 week appt. She now weighs 7lbs 15oz! At 4 weeks she was 7lbs 1oz and at 5 weeks 7lbs 8oz. She is still in the bottom 5percentile but has moved up from 3%. Dr. O is very happy with her weight gain and growth. We don't have another Dr's appt for 4 weeks.


(New Years Eve 2009)


mrs. trooper said...

It's so nice when you can finally start getting things done again after having a baby :). Don't worry, it only gets better now!

L ~ S said...

Nice to see you have a blog!

Barbara Doduk said...

She's so cute.