Monday, February 1, 2010

Our little burrito, Makayla Abigail

(originally written 12/30/09)

Our daughter was born Sunday December 20th at 4:18am, weighing 5lbs 7oz, 18.5 inches long. She is just a tiny little thing. As a matter of fact she swims in newborn clothing. Words can't describe how much we love our little Makayla Abigail. It is amazing to love a small little human you don't even know.

Makayla's first photo
Makayla's first photo


love at first sight

our happy family
first pic of our happy family

chubby lil cheeks
little hands and feet

Makayla's little hospital nightie
Makayla's hospital nightie she wore most of the time while in the nursery

First outfit...thanks grandma
Her first outfit...thanks grandma. It is a premie sz 3-5lbs. The only thing we had that fit.

pretty in pink
My little cutie pie

ready to leave christmas day! yay!
All ready to head home Christmas day with our present

goodbye hospital! :)
We are very happy to finally have our girl home safely. She is the most precious thing in the world. I can't believe Makayla is 10 days old already. Time flies so fast.


Barbara Doduk said...

How sweet <3

Patricia said...

So teeny tiny! I remember the twins like that...only 1 outfit that fit... but they grew like weeds and still are! Congratulations!