Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ug. I am so in need of sleep. I've basically been awake since 2:30AM. Makayla woke up at 2:30AM, was awake until 4:15AM, I got 45 min or so of sleep only for her to wake up again at 5:00AM. I finally got back to bed at 7:00AM and yep guess what Makayla woke up at 7:30. I've been awake ever since! Makayla just won't go to sleep! She drifts off briefly and as soon as I go to put her down her eyes pop wide open. I am seriously so exhausted. The last 3 nights her schedule has totally gone. She wakes up alot more often and stays awake. Ahhhh I really hope she gets back in to her schedule soon and this isn't a new schedule emerging. I'm just beat right now.


Jaclyn said...

Oh no! I hope she goes back to her schedule! Although, who really knows what babies are thinking! If you get too exhausted I would almost put her in your bed with you and sleep! I said I'd never do that, and ta-da! Looks like you guys have a precious little girl there! So happy for you and glad you're enjoying being a mommy!!!

mrs. trooper said...

Hang in there! They don't really get on a formal schedule usually until 3 months old (at such time as they officially go from "infant" to "baby")... It is sure to get better! Hoping for a better night's sleep for you tonight!