Thursday, May 13, 2010

Makayla's Dedication

Makayla was dedicated this past Sunday on Mother's Day. My dad was in town for only one Sunday and we wanted to do it when he was here.

Bro. Tom dedicated Makayla. It seemed only fitting as he counseled us when we first started dating at 16, and he married us.

It was a beautiful, short dedication. Makayla behaved wonderfully! I was so nervous as she only had a quick cat nap for about 10 minutes since waking up over 3 hours earlier. She was totally in awe of Bro Tom and kept patting his face while he was holding her during prayer.


mrs. trooper said...

Great family pictures! You all looked wonderful! Makayla was super cute!

L ~ S said...

I am glad it went well for you!

AmericanGirl said...

It was a beautiful dedication. :) A gorgeous little family!