Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My First Mother's Day

(mommy & Makayla)
(3 generations. My first Mday and mom's first Mday as a Grandma!)

The day started out wonderfully with a card from daddy and Makayla. Daddy walked in to the room holding Makayla and she was holding a card for me! It was just the CUTEST thing ever! Dave even stuck a pen in Makayla's hand and pressed the card to it so when she moved her hand she left her 'mark'.

We then went to church to have Makayla dedicated. (See below for dedication post) After church we went out for lunch with both sets if parents to Poseidon a delicious Greek restaurant.

(The 3 important dads in my life <3 )

I had a fabulous first Mother's Day. It was perfect!


L ~ S said...

It looks like it was a special day!

mrs. trooper said...

Happy Mother's Day!!!

aleelavine said...

Looks like a great Mother's Day!!! How special to have the dedication on the same day.

Marlee said...

Happy first mothers day! I think it's crazy that you could cut off two 12 inch ponytails of your hair and donate it to cuts for cancer, and STILL have long hair left. How long have you been growing your hair out for now?

Naomi Joy said...

Well I haven't cut it since highschool sometime so at least 5 years! lol. Sucks though because I'm shedding like crazy from having a baby and my hair is getting so thin :(

Marlee said...

Yeah pregnancy will do that! You should cut off a serious amount. With the amount of hair you're going to lose the ends will be realllllllly thin and gross by the time it's all over. I hate to say that but unfortunately it's inevitable with all the crazy hormone changes. I'd say cut it off to your bra or just below even and it'll have a good solid/clean base line and it'll feel so much more full again. Can I cut it for you? Please?! I see hair like yours and I just want to cut it off haha. It's a serious problem for me! Seriously though, can I cut it? haha