Saturday, May 1, 2010

New iPhone app: iCarc

iCarc: The Carcassonne Companion
created by Andrew Hoyer

Have you ever heard of the board game Carcassonne? If not I'll tell you now, it is an awesome game that will provide many hours of entertainment. Those who have played it will agree.

Now you can get the iCarc app! Which in my opinion indeed does seem to be the perfect companion to the board game. This app will keep track of what type and amount of tiles are left. No more guessing if the tile you want *might* still be in the bag. What a great way to up your chances of winning the game or letting your friends know the status of the game.

This great new app just hit the iPhone app store today. If you already own the game go buy it NOW. If not buy the app anyway then go buy yourself the board game. You won't be disappointed!

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Congrats Andrew on your first iPhone app!